Remote Controlling Baofeng DM-5R [Video]

Remote Controlling Baofeng DM-5R

Remote Controlling Baofeng DM-5R

While preparing my review of the Baofeng DM-5R, I discovered that the radio also supports receiving remote DMR commands from other radios. You need to be careful when using the radio, because someone might be able to control it remotely. Watch the video to find out exactly what is going on.

You can buy the radios in the Remote Controlling Baofeng DM-5R video:


Baofeng DM-5R Plus

Retevis RT3


Baofeng DM-5R Plus

Retevis RT3

Here is the video:


  1. Craig

    If the Baofeng DM-5R only supports MotoTrbo Tier 1 (as indicated on their Amazon spec sheet), Amazon will be flooded with returns from angry buyers, as Tier 1 radios are NOT compatible with any MotoTrbo Tier 2 repeaters and will cause problems with those repeaters for a great many users.

    Anyone interested in MotoTrbo digital communications needs to make sure their radios support Tier 2, otherwise they will only be able to use their Tier 1 radios for simplex communications between two similar units. There are many other Chinese radios that support MotoTrbo Tier 2, among them the TYT MD-380 and MD-390 units.

    A good starter guide to DMR ham radio communications using the MotoTrbo radios/repeaters can be found at:

    1. hamradioreviews

      Not quite. The remote control functionality (disable/monitor) on DMR radios works regardless on which slot is active. And that’s on radios that work on a single time slot. The DM-5R/Plus is neither Tier I or II. Tier I means 0.5 W of power. Tier II means two time slots. The DM-5R is neither of these. It can just communicate on simplex with other DMR radios.

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