Yet Another Tier I DMR From Baofeng [Images]

Yet Another Tier I DMR From Baofeng   I just came across this Baofeng GT3 DMR radio. This is the second DMR radio from Baofeng. It is dual-band (VHF + UHF) and it is advertised as “Tier I”. Most likely this seems to be identical to the Baofeng DM-5R which, …

Is Baofeng Preparing Another DMR Radio? [Rumor]

Is Baofeng preparing another DMR radio?   This time, it is supposedly going to be based on the ever popular Baofeng UV-82. It will also feature Tier II TDMA specification, so it should be able to talk to DMR repeaters without causing issues. Only time will tell if this is …

Baofeng DM-5R Unboxing [Video]

I got my hands on the much-awaited Baofeng DM-5R DMR radio today. The radio is based on the highly popular UV-5R model (and its variants). At $70 US, it seems like a bargain. A big advantage over other radios on the market, is that it is dual-band. A big disadvantage, …

Possible problem with Baofeng DM-5R

Radioddity should have started shipping the DM-5Rs yesterday, at least according to their offer.

Baofeng DM-5R update on specs [UPDATED 21 Sep. 2016]

Since the Baofeng DM-5R was announced last week, there has been some controversy online regarding the radio’s specifications.

Baofeng DMR Radio. Not April fool’s this time.

Or so it seems. Radioddity (ham radio online retailer) announced that on the 26th of September, the Baofeng DM-5R is going to be released. Here is their blog post: