10V USB charging cable for HTs Review [Video]

I got my hands on a USB charging cable for HTs. A pair of them, actually. Having the ability to charge your handheld radio from s USB port is extremely convenient. Something which, up to recently, we only had with lower-powered radios, like the Baofeng UV-3R and variants, or the …

New CHIRP version available for download

For those who are not familiar with CHIRP, it is the #1 free and open source program for programming radios on your computer. It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and it supports most popular radios. I use it all the time to update my radio memories. It is very …

TYT UV8000E Power Test [Video]

This is another video in my series of tests on the TYT UV8000E radio. I am measuring the output power of the radio with both a fully charged and a not so charged battery.

Baofeng DM-5R update on specs [UPDATED 21 Sep. 2016]

Since the¬†Baofeng DM-5R was announced last week, there has been some controversy online regarding the radio’s specifications.