MD-2017 Dual-band DMR handheld [Rumor]

This is the MD-2017 dual-band DMR handheld from TYT. Or at least, a picture of it. This was posted in DMR Greece‘s facebook page earlier today. It shows a poster with what it seems as a new dual-band DMR radio from TYT. The picture is taken at the PMR Expo …

TYT UV8000E Review

This is the TYT UV8000E review. The TYT UV8000E is an update to the UV8000D. This update practically fixes an audio issue with the earlier model, which would occur after long periods of operation. The audio, as some users have reported, would start becoming intermittent. It is a really nice …

TYT TH-8600 25W Mini Mobile Radio

This just made its appearance online. I mean, literally, a few minutes ago. It’s most likely in pre-release stage.

TYT UV8000E Power Test [Video]

This is another video in my series of tests on the TYT UV8000E radio. I am measuring the output power of the radio with both a fully charged and a not so charged battery.

TYT UV8000E Range Test Video

I have created a video testing the range of the TYT UV8000E handheld radio. I am preparing ¬†written and video reviews for the radio, but until then, I thought I’d post this here.