Baofeng DM-5R Unboxing [Video]

I got my hands on the much-awaited Baofeng DM-5R DMR radio today. The radio is based on the highly popular UV-5R model (and its variants). At $70 US, it seems like a bargain. A big advantage over other radios on the market, is that it is dual-band. A big disadvantage, …

Kenwood D-Star/APRS TH-D74 Video Review

  HamRadioConcepts uploaded a video on their channel on the Kenwood TH-D74 handheld radio.

TYT UV8000E Review

This is the TYT UV8000E review. The TYT UV8000E is an update to the UV8000D. This update practically fixes an audio issue with the earlier model, which would occur after long periods of operation. The audio, as some users have reported, would start becoming intermittent. It is a really nice …

Unboxing the Icom IC-2730E Mobile Radio [Video]

In this week’s video I am unboxing the Icom IC-2730E dual-band mobile radio.

10V USB charging cable for HTs Review [Video]

I got my hands on a USB charging cable for HTs. A pair of them, actually. Having the ability to charge your handheld radio from s USB port is extremely convenient. Something which, up to recently, we only had with lower-powered radios, like the Baofeng UV-3R and variants, or the …

TYT UV8000E Power Test [Video]

This is another video in my series of tests on the TYT UV8000E radio. I am measuring the output power of the radio with both a fully charged and a not so charged battery.

Baofeng DM-5R update on specs [UPDATED 21 Sep. 2016]

Since the¬†Baofeng DM-5R was announced last week, there has been some controversy online regarding the radio’s specifications.