Bluetooth Headset Review – [Video]

This is a bluetooth headset review.

Bluetooth Headset Review

In this video I am reviewing the Anysecu AC-B09 bluetooth headset. With this headset, you can use your radio without the hassle of wires. The same dongle/headset combo comes in a variety of brands. The audio on the other end is a bit muffled, but still, it is a very useful accessory for your handheld radio.

The headset looks like a normal bluetooth headset and can be charged with a standard micro USB charger. However, the dongle needs its proprietary USB cable, which has a 3.5mm female jack on one end. You connect the dongle’s 3.5mm jack to that to charge it. It is pretty weird, but I can live with it. Checkout the photo (click to view larger):

US: You can buy the headset here.

UK/Europe: You can buy the headset here.

Here is the video, enjoy:


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