Retevis RT23 Dual Receive Unboxing and Overview [Video][Updated]

This is the Retevis RT23 dual receive full duplex unboxing and overview video.

Retevis RT23 Dual Receive UnboxingI just got the new Retevis RT23 handheld radio. It was kindly sent to me by Retevis for review. This is the newcomer in the cross band repeater handheld radio marker. If there is such a thing, anyway.

Apart form offering cross band repeater functionality, this radio supports full-duplex dual receive operation, making it the most affordable full-duplex dual receive radio currently available, at least that I am aware of.

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You can buy this radio:

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Here is the video, enjoy:

Updated 14th January 2017: This radio is NOT full-duplex. This radio only supports dual-receive!


  1. Tip dont ever turn the radio on without antenna .
    If the crossband repeater function is enabled and it receives interfearence from for example a computer it will start to relay/broadcast and blow upp your endstage mosfet .
    Same goes if you connect the computer cable tyt and baofengs will start to transmit during read/write .So recomendation atach antenna first before battery that way your safe .
    Small chance but i received a used radio from an ebay store that had a blown out power transistor.
    He scammed me i sended it back and he sended me another secondhand use broke one .
    Not kidding you third time he said he would resend i am still waiting opened a dispute with paypal because the 45 days were passed and now he wants me to close it and he will resend a new one ………………. yeah right not holding my breath here :).
    It was an ebay store not this one let me just be clear on that and i am sure paypal will resole it for me so no harm done.

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