DV4mobile Radio Preorder

DV4mobile Radio Preorder available.

DV4mobile Radio Preorder

DV4mobile, the tri-band (2m, 1.25m and 70cm) mobile transceiver is available for preorder here.

The radio was on display in May 2016 at the Dayton Hamvention.

The DV4mobile is primarily a digital radio, supporting all of the most popular digital modes (DMR, DStar, C4FM, dPMR). But that’s not all. It also has a LTE chip, Bluetooth and WiFi modules. It surely is a radio that can be connected… everywhere! You can replace all your digital or analog (it also does FM, of course) radios, even your DV4mini hotspot with this single unit.

The initial release date was late 2016. Apparently this is not the case right now, with the release date being anywhere in the 1st quarter of 2017. Price is estimated to be in the range of $900-$1200. A bit steep but we will know if it’s worth it after its release.


Frequency range (USA): 144-148MHz, 222-225MHz, 420-450MHz

Output power: 2x20W simultaneously

Modes: FM, D-Star, C4FM, DMR+,,dPMR,P25*,NXDN*, DV4LTE

Microphone: DTMF, Electret with modular connector

Antenna connector: N-Type

Speaker: 3.5mm, stereo 2x4W at 8Ω

Connectors via adapter cable and 2×12 pins: 10/100MBit ethernet, USB, HDMI

Internal display: 240×320 pixels, 262K colors

Voltage/Current: 10.5V-15V/5A

GPS: Antenna integrated into main body

Working temperature range: -40C – +85C (this is not a typo!)

Here are some videos from the 2016 Hamvention:

More info on the unit can be found here.


  1. Dean

    I agree with that. I have seen the date timeframe come and go 3 times now and we are still waiting. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t get released at all. It reminds me of the DVRPTR V2 and the DVRPTR V3 that was supposed to always have a released transmitter board addition released for them and that went on for a long time and then nothing was released. I honestly think that this is a too good to be true item. If it seems to be good to be true, then it probably is.
    Don’t hold your breath on this item……..you would of ran of of air over a year ago waiting on this thing and look we still are not any closer to its release and they are not even taking pre-orders anymore either. Makes me think they have no intentions of release or that this radio is too much development.

  2. Charles

    I am looking forward to seeing this radio on the market. It is a difficult project that has Yuuuge potential. But if it is not released, at some level of development at Hamvention, it may be crippling to their future. Best Wishes to Wireless Holdings.
    Periodic updates would be appreciated. Even informational updates every couple weeks to the effect of, “We re-designed the volume knob, and it’s even better now!” Or, “JarJar Binks spilled coffee on the development computer, and all is lost!, but we’re starting again.”
    I……AM…holding my breath. Very exciting product idea!

  3. Charles

    I have not received response from any of the phone messages or emails I sent to the DV4mobile folks. Last I heard, the radio was estimated to be released in November, 2017. There is no other information on the internet (have not checked the dark net yet), and they don’t appear to even WANT to tease the release. My guess is that they will bump the release into 2018. Wireless Holdings….If you are listening……release some information please.

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