Software Support Done Wrong

Software Support Done Wrong

Software Support Done Wrong

Ham Radio Deluxe is one of the best ham radio desktop programs. It provides a number of features, most popular of which are the ability to control your (connected) radio, keep a QSO log, but also use it for digital modes.

As reported by The Register, an employee of their support team disabled a customer’s software license, because of a bad review he had posted online back in September. The user’s license has been reinstated.

The user posted the issue on’s forums. He had contacted customer support of HRD software because of a crash he was experiencing with the program. The immediate response he got back was the following:

I’m sorry, but your support has expired and we are unable to provide any further support.

We would also like to request that you NOT RENEW your support nor use our software due to the review you placed on eHam back in September. Remember that?

Good luck, and 73 HRD Tech Support

Well, talk about revenge, huh? But there’s more. When the user contacted them again to ask what was going on to get that response, they replied that they would unlock his software if he removed the review he posted.

HRD co-owner Dr Michael Carper, WA9PIE, admitted that the employee disabled the customer’s software key in response to the poor review.

This does not reflect the policies or procedures of our company. But it was said. It was a mistake.” he said. Here is the full statement in PDF.

This is a software support done wrong and bad example of employee behavior, something which may harm a good product’s reputation, like Ham Radio Deluxe.



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