QYT KT-7900D Quad Band Mini Mobile Radio [Specs]

QYT has also released the QYT KT-7900D Quad Band Mini Mobile Radio.

QYT KT-7900D Quad Band Mini Mobile Radio

This radio is identical in specifications to the QYT KT8900D, apart from the fact that it is a quad band radio. It supports 136-174MHz, 220-260Mhz, 350-390MHz and 400-480MHz. The apart from the 350MHz band which cannot be used for ham radio, all the other bands are usable.

Specifications brochure in both English and Chinese (click to view larger):

QYT KT-7900D Quad Band Mini Mobile Radio

The form factor is similar to the QYT KT8900, but with a large and easy to read color display. The design is similar, but not identical to the KT8900D, its dual band “brother”:

New Model QYT KT-8900D


It is worth nothing that this radio is quad-watch also. That it, you can monitor 4 frequencies/memory channels at once, instead of the standard 2. This is a really useful feature.

The QYT KT-7900D Quad Band Mini Mobile Radio is already available online here.


  1. I bought this radio. You can program it directly, it just takes a lot of clicking. The software is slightly better, although not much. But I guess CHIRP will soon be updated to work this radio too.

    But there is a big problem with this little device. The scan function does not work. Whenever you start scanning the receiver is locked to the last static channel/frequency although the display shows that the device is scanning through freqs/channels, this it not really happening.

  2. I only paid 87USD for it, so it is not all that bad. But it is annoying that the scan function does not work. It does however monitor up to four frequencies simultaneously, and that is nice. The large bright screen is also nice and the buttons on the handset lets me control everything without toching the radio front.

    After testing the radio for a month now I have the following pros and cons:

    – Scan function does not work
    – Signal detection weak. My Baofeng UV5R is better at triggering on detection of a carrier
    – Fan does not always start until it is very warm

    – 4 channel standby
    – Good screen and nice buttons
    – Small size and rugged construction
    – Good sound quality
    – Good suppression of start/end-of-signal noise

    1. hamradioreviews

      Thanks for this and for reporting on the scan issue. I have heard of others having problems like this also. I agree, the quad-watch is a great advantage of this radio. Let me ask you something, you wrote “Signal detection weak. My Baofeng UV5R is better at triggering on detection of a carrier”. Would you say that the UV-5R has a more sensitive receiver? I have the “original” QYT KT-8900 (no “R” or “D”) and it is not that sensitive.

  3. David Youtz

    I just bought one of these radios (7900) and I9 like it a lot except… it gets too HOT! This is acceptable in high pwr mode but it gets too hot in low pwr. I measured the low setting and it read 7.5W ! Anyone know how to adjust the low pwr to something more reasonable (1-3W)? A variable resistor adjustment? Set by software? Tnx WB8UCD Dave

  4. chethan

    Is this a Quad Watch Radio?. As in it does listen to the other 3 Bands , the non active ones.
    I herd 8900 is a Quad watch and this one is not. Can some one please comment.

  5. chethan

    I got this Radio recently. I am unable to turn off the LCD. Its always ON. Even the back light for the speaker microphone does not go off.I tried menu option 8. ABR 0-50. Nothing seems to work
    Even my Baofeng ,after few seonds in Idle the LCD Back light goes off.

    Anyone else has this problem or is this just me?

  6. John

    Quad watch really a nice feature. But Rx is poor, my experience is Rx comes in only when my adjacent iCom2300 has an S5 signal.

    I bought this radio online bec i wanted the 240 & 350 band. But couldn’t get it to display itself. Seller not much help.

    Hoping i can get some help here?
    Thanks 73

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