CHIRP Now Supports QYT KT-8900D

CHIRP Now Supports QYT KT-8900D

CHIRP Now Supports QYT KT-8900D

CHIRP, the best open source program for radio programming, now supports both the QYT KT-7900D and KT-8900D radios.

This is excellent news, as the software makes programming radios a breeze. It also supports all the other radios from the same company. I can personally confirm that it fully supports the first occurrence of these radios, the KT-8900.

You can download the software, available for all major platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows) on the program’s website here.


  1. Bob

    I have not had any luck at all. I follow the instructions and get a com port installed via my usb cable and it fails to see the radio. Chirp work great on by Bofeng hand held but not the KT-8900D. any Ideas?

  2. Paul Rodenhuis

    I can program the Baofeng UV-5R and the QYT KT-8900 (with the same cable and audio adapter) but cannot get the QYT -8900D to work. I did manage it some time ago, but maybe used a different radio type. Silly, didn’t write it down.

  3. Bobbie (KI5CRV)

    I just received my KT-8900D today. I was able to use Chirp to program and was very happy with the results. As I was able to import all my freqs that I have from a Baofeng image. Really saved alot of time and energy….. Great Job.

  4. Brad

    Just bought the 8900D but can’t get the USB port to ‘see’ the radio. Tried the 2303 Prolific Driver and also the 3200 and neither worked. Which Prolific driver did you use? I am using Windows 7. Thanks.

  5. Aaron Whiting

    What cable is recommended for programming the qyt kt-8900d? I have the cable with 8 different connectors and works great for my uv5r and bf8 radios, but not this one. I’m thinking I should get a cable with the ftdi chip.

  6. Robert Meyer KA0VZP

    New 8900D and can’t get computer using the QYT software OR CHIRP (newer version) to recognize the radio /constant COMport error messages. Tried changing COMports, but none of the 12 work. IS there a CheatSheet , printed, to simplify manual programming? Where?

  7. Ed

    New to this. When I run CHIRP I receive a blank screen. When I seek the instructions, the system does not respond. Folks on here seem to know how to make CHIRP work. What must be done to make the program work? Where are the instructions?

  8. pete

    I got the qyt kt 8900d and found that the cable that comes with it works only with windows 10 so I had to downgrade from 11. Once I did that I was able to use chirp 5 or 6 times and programmed my channels in. The problem now is the com port can not be recognized. I tried everything. I just don’t get it. I ordered another cord. Ay thoughts?

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