TYT TH-8600 25W Mini Mobile Radio

This just made its appearance online. I mean, literally, a few minutes ago. It’s most likely in pre-release stage.

TYT TH-8600 Mini Mobile Radio
TYT TH-8600 Mini Mobile Radio

It’s an analogue dual band FM transceiver with an output power of 25W on 2m and 20W on 70cm. There is no indication on the spec sheet for the output on low power, or even if there actually *is* a low power setting.

It looks really nice, with a color display which is something the manufacturers from China have started getting us used to the last couple of years.

It certainly looks like an upgrade to the QYT KT-8900 or the KT-8900R which seem to have created a category on its own. For all we know, of course, QYT is most likely a brand of TYT.

According to the spec sheet, it does support more memory channels (200 as opposed to 128), it is waterproof (rated IP67) and it also has a remote kill/stun function. TYT also promotes it as “Dual band mini mobile radio for QUAD and Motorcycle”. This sounds really nice! I’d certainly want to get one of these for a hands-on review.


  1. Craig

    I’m beginning to think that the TYT TH-8600 announcement was a ploy to customers thinking of purchasing a different micro-mobile in 2016.

    I’ve heard multiple different excuses from TYT as to why the unit shipments are being delayed “again”, the most recent being they are just now shipping one off to an independent lab for FCC certification tests.

    I would NOT count on this unit being delivered anytime in December, especially with the Chinese companies already talking about shutting down for two weeks for their holiday break.

  2. Craig

    Well, we did (finally) get two of the TYT TH-8600 micro mobiles into stock (we’re still waiting for the remainder of our October order).

    One has already been adopted by the folks at RT Systems (to help them get an early start on their programming software for it).

    I hope to play with the remaining unit this week, but from just a quick look, it appears that TYT’s multiple delays at least produced a darn good looking (and well built) radio.

    Hopefully the rest of the order will arrive before New Year’s, but with all things Chinese, who really knows?

  3. Craig

    Another two weeks have passed since my last delivery update, and yet another delay announced from TYT regarding the remainder of our long overdue TH-8600 radios.

    It’s really getting tough to believe any answer given to us from them, as each time the reason for the latest delay gets harder and harder to believe. Needless to say, I doubt we’ll ever pre-order any TYT radios again (solely based on their assurances that the radios were “ready” during the first week of October 2016 and would ship within a week or two).

    Considering their two week holiday shut down will happen soon, I’m wondering if Valentine’s Day is within reach????

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