QYT KT-980 Plus Released [Images+Specs]

QYT KT-980 Plus Released


QYT KT-980 Plus Released
QYT KT-980 Plus Released

QYT has released the KT-980 Plus mobile radio. It’s most likely the successor, or upgrade, to the previous KT-UV980 model.

The display seems to be the same as the one from the KT-8900D, but it is in a bigger case. Just like its smaller brother, it supports quad-standby. But that does not seem to be its best feature. Its best feature is that its specs state that it outputs 75W on VHF and 55W on UHF! That’s a lot of power, especially for a dual-band radio.

Here are the available specs:

  • Output Power : 75W(VHF) 55W(UHF)
  • Dual Band VHF/UHF 136-174/400-480MHz Quad Band Display
  • Frequency Range: 136-174/400-480MHz SW Receiving
  • Phase Lock Step: 5/6.25/10/12.5/15/25KHz Working
  • Voltage: 13.8V DC
  • Dimensions (W x H x D):140(W) x 43(H) x 172(D)mm
  • Weight: 1.03kg
  • Number of memory channels: 200















Note that the radio is already available for purchase on Amazon here.

More images:

This radio, along with the QYT bluetooth mic, will make an interesting budget mobile set. Assuming the radio supports the bluetooth mic, that it.


  1. Keron

    any idea will it transmit up to 520mhz? aliexpress and amazon claimed its 520mhz but some other website says 480mhz, it is very important for me because i work for a private security company and we’re licensed and authorized to use 490mhz band in my country, thank you.

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