Lebanon Conducted Ham Radio Exams After 13 Years

The ministry communication of Lebanon, conducted exams for amateur radio operators last Saturday 15th October 2016.

Radio Amateurs of Lebanon
Image source: http://14ww210.blogspot.com/

As posted by OD5RI on RAL (Radio Amateurs of Lebanon) facebook group, the exams took place in the premises of Orego, in Beirut. Around 50 people took the exam.

Mr A.MYoussef, director general and Ing Toni Aoun as well as OD5TE Hani, OD5TX MICHEL, OD5KU ELIE among others are to be thanked. The Ham community should expect a boost in ham activities from OD5 very soon.

These are very exciting news. Hoping to hear more OD5 stations on HF bands.

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