Keychain QRP

Keychain QRP is definitely the world’s smallest HF ham radio transmitter.

This little CW transmitter will allow you to have a transmitter everywhere you go. It has an SMA female connector and outputs 160 mW max with a 9V battery. The specifications state that you can just connect any random-length wire on it, ground the transmitter and you are good to go.

It is available in 3 amateur radio bands and 2 AM/FM broadcast frequencies:

10m ham band: 28.224 MHz – Any Ham license
80m ham band: 3.57954 MHz – Any Ham license
160m ham band: 1.8432 MHz – General class or higher license required
FM broadcast band: 100.000 MHz – No license required (in the USA)
AM broadcast band: 614.400 KHz – No license required (in the USA)

It also features a LED indicator verifying battery charge and transmit when keying. Upon request, the following frequencies are available:

160m band: 1.850MHz
80m band: 3.6864 MHz
20m band: 14.31818 MHz
15m band: 21.168 MHz
15m band: 21.200 MHz
10m band: 28.3046 MHz
10m band: 28.322 MHz
10m band: 28.636 MHz
10m band: 29.4912 MHZ
6m band: 50.000 MHz
6m band: 50.350 MHz
6m band: 51.840 MHz
6m band: 53.248 MHz

FM broadcast: 98.300 MHz
AM broadcast: 1,000 KHz

CB channel 4: 27.000 MHz

Note that it is only a transmitter. You will need a receiver to be able to monitor your transmissions.

The Keychain QRP is available on for €38.34.

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