Retevis RT23 Analog Radio [Images + Specs]

Retevis posted images of their new Retevis RT23 Analog Radio on their facebook page yesterday.


Retevis RT23 Analog RadioThe radio outputs 5W on VHF and 4W on UHF. The features seem to be similar to other radios from China, with the added feature of the cross-band repeater. The specifications state that it is also “Duplex Work Mode” and “Dual Receiving”, which basically means it has two true VFOs, allowing for full-duplex operation.

It has an interesting form factor, similar to Puxing radios, with the antenna on the right-hand side. Also note the position of “0” key on the keypad. It is on the lower-right corner. That’s new…!

Other than that, it’s pretty standard with 128 memory channels (why only 128???), frequency range 136-174MHz on VHF and 400-480MHz on UHF, DTMF encoding/decoding etc. We don’t know of a release date or price, more details will be announced later.

Retevis RT23 Analog Radio
Retevis RT23 Analog Radio specifications
Retevis RT23 Analog Radio
Retevis RT23 Analog Radio with a similar form factor to Puxing radios


    1. hamradioreviews

      Hello Walter, thanks for the info, excellent find! Yes they seem to be the same device. However, on the Retevis RT23 the display is different. I will have one soon for review. Thanks again!

  1. Walter

    This was the first version of the device

    Then came the plus version with the 2 receivers BB% E5% B0% 8D% E8% AC% 9B% E6% A9% 9F

    Here the complete specifications for the device (but was the old version with the search error and missing 1750 Hz sound!)

    Also gives the device a 2800 mA battery.
    Device has nice Voltanzeige and great S-Meter

    Software was already written in 2011 ..

    Merry Christmas from Germany

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