QRPver-1 Monoband QRP Transceiver

QRPver-1 Monoband QRP Transceiver anyone?

QRPver-1 Monoband QRP TransceiverThe QRPver-1 is a QRP monoband transceiver the size of… a power bank. This is version “3” and I believe it is the backpacker’s dream. At around 200 grams, you’ll get to the summit easier. If you care about SOTA anyway 😉 and don’t mind having only one band.

The transceiver is built with a single superheterodyne frequency converter and 4 crystal quartz filters.

Here are some specifications from QRPver’s website:

Power supply in the 10-14 (13.8 Nominal)

Current consumption in receive mode with an average volume of 100 mA

600-800 mA in transmission mode (mean 700)

Receiver sensitivity better than 0.4 Microvolts

Transmitter Output Power 3 W nominal. (Max 4 W)

Low-pass amplifier Output Power 0.7 W

Intermediate Frequency 9 MHz

Band crystal filter bandwidth 2.9 kHz at -6dB

Switchable LP filter (200,300,600,900,1200,1500,1700,2000,2200,2400,2700,2900 Hz) with a fairly steep slope.

Carrier suppression more than 70dB

Suppression of non-operating side, more than 70 dB

It supports both SSB and CW and the maximum output power is 4W. The cost is $180 and you have the option of selecting the band you want it to come with. You can download the manual in Russian here. At the time of writing, I couldn’t find a manual in English. Schematics and everything are included though.

Here are more pics from their website:

And a QRPver-1 Monoband QRP Transceiver demo video:

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