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Q: How do I reset the radio to factory defaults?

A: Press and hold the “F” (Function) key while switching the radio on. “RESET?” will appear on the screen. Press “F” again to confirm, or “U/V” to cancel the operation.

Q: How many memories does it have? I am confused by many seller listings that state “2 x 128 memories” and such.

A: The radio has 128 memories. “2 x 128 memories” is either an error or exaggeration on behalf of some sellers. It also supports 25 separate memories for storing FM broadcast stations.

Q: I am trying to use the radio in cross-band repeat mode. I am setting menu item #11 “TURN” to “ON” but it doesn’t work. Why?

A: The radio comes from the factory with the feature disabled by default. You can only enable this feature through the TYT software. Double-click “Optional Function” on the left and check the “Cross-band setting” box at the bottom-right of the Optional Function window that will appear.

Q: I have enable the cross-band repeater function on my radio, turned it on and it works. However, there is no indication on the display showing that the feature is active. Is my radio broken?

A: The radio is not broken. There is no indication whatsoever that the cross-band repeater function is active.

Q: What is the capacity of the battery it comes with?

A: The battery capacity is 3600mAh.

Q: How long does it take to charge the battery?

A: It takes around 8 hours to charge the battery. That is, ~6.9V to ~8.4. This is measured with the included charger.

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