Retevis RT3 Giveaway Christmas 2016

Retevis RT3 Giveaway Christmas 2016




Read below to learn how to participate in the Retevis RT3 Giveaway Christmas 2016.

How Can I Win The Retevis RT3 DMR Radio?

It is very simple. Like the HamRadioReviews facebook page,

and share the giveaway post with your friends:

This gets you in for the random draw!

Make sure the share is public! If it is not public, you are not in the giveaway!

Can I Increase My Chances To Win?

Of course. You can increase your chances to win by gaining points. Each point means you get an extra place in the random draw. Here’s how to gain extra points:

A. Like Retevis facebook page (+3 points):

B. Comment under the giveaway post and tag 1 to 3 of your friends.

You get +1 for each friend you tag. Feel free to tag more of your friends if you like, but the maximum points you’ll get is 3. Don’t tag on the image, but in the comments!

C. Share the following Retevis RT3 Unboxing video facebook post from HamRadioReviews facebook page on… facebook (+1 point):

If you do all of the above, including tagging 3 or more of your friends in the comments of the giveaway post, you will have a total of 8 places in the giveaway! Not bad, right?

How Long Will The Retevis RT3 Giveaway Christmas 2016 Run?

The giveaway start time is Friday December 16tth, 20:00 UTC. The giveaway ends on Sunday December 25th, 2016 at 23:59 UTC.

When and How Will I know If I Won?

The winner will be announced on Tuesday December 27th, 17:00 UTC. The announcement will be made on, the Retevis facebook page and through a YouTube video on HamRadioReviews YouTube channel. Only the winner’s name will be made public. Entering the giveaway assumes you agree that your name will be made public. No other information will be posted online about the winner.

Goog Luck!


More Rules

Entering the HamRadioReviews Giveaway to win the Retevis RT3 DMR Radio, means you accept the following rules.

  1. After the winner is announced, he/she should get in touch with HamRadioReviews in 3 days.
  2. In case we don’t hear back from the winner, to provide address information on where we should send the prize, in 15 days after the announcement, the giveaway is cancelled. The prize is held for another future giveaway.
  3. The prize of this Retevis RT3 Giveaway Christmas 2016 is a handheld transceiver. While individuals from all over the world are welcome to participate, each participant needs to make sure that he/she can operate a handheld transceiver according to their country of residence’s laws. Furthermore, each participant needs to make sure that their country of residence’s laws allow the importing of such an electronic device. In the former case, neither HamRadioReviews nor Retevis will be held liable for any unlawful usage of the handheld transceiver. In the latter case, neither HamRadioReviews nor Retevis will be held liable for any unlawful import of the handheld transceiver. If the transceiver is either held by the winner’s country of residence local customs, or returned to the sender, the giveaway is cancelled and, in the case of the transceiver being returned, it might be held for a future giveaway, or not.
  4. The Retevis RT3 DMR Radio is provided by Retevis Trade Co LTD. The transceiver is under warranty from the manufacturer. Any inquiries regarding its usage and/or warranty claims should be made to Retevis ( and not HamRadioReviews.