TYT TH-8600 Programming Software

Version 1.0
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TYT TH-8600 Programming Software

TH-8600 Programming Software

To set the language of the TH-8600 Programming Software to English, check the screenshot above.


  1. Tony

    I downloaded the zip file but the executable doesn’t do anything but blink briefly on the screen. No error messages, no indication of what’s going on. Does the radio need to be plugged in before running TH-8600.exe?

    I picked this unit up at the Atlanta hamfest and the vendor was kind enough to supply a programming cable. From what it looks like it’s a serial to USB identifying as “Prolific”

  2. Eddie

    I also purchased a TH-8600 transceiver from the Atlanta Hamfest. I downloaded the programming software directly from the TYT website. After first unzipping the installer, double-clicking it opens the file and it installs leaving a desktop icon on my Win10 laptop. After changing the language from Chinese to English, its fairly easy to use. Once open, you can enter the channels you want, and all the details, then simply connect the radio to your computer using the supplied USB cable. Power the radio on. In the program, you just need to select one of the available ports on your computer you want to use, and just accept the default baud rate. No other settings are required. Once ready to program the radio, click on the write button “>>” and you will see on the radio display the words CLONE and the channels incrementing. Once done the radio resets, and if you click on the V/M button to select memory, you should see all the channels you programmed. Pretty slick for the price.

    1. Tony

      What kind of cable were you supplied with? USB -> 1/8″ mini? I’ve got it plugged in and the com port selected but when I try to read or write I get a timeout error.

    1. As I recall, it matters where the software is located on the computer. I’ve sold my TH-8600, but I had a similar issue until I put the software in a different folder. Wish I could remember exactly the process. Maybe someone can add to this story line.

  3. henrik scheurer

    The software needs to be installed with administrator permission, If you do that then the software will installed on your computer, otherwise ,you will see just a short screen and then nothing.

  4. Mike McKeever

    The MONI key is a key function that can be applied to any of the five panel keys. You have to change the meaning of one of the keys to MONI to use it. It’s a handy function, since the display will show the channel name, if you enter it, and the MONI key seems to be the only way to see the frequency.

  5. Mike McKeever

    I managed to get the software to work on my MacBook running Windows 10 in Virtual Box. The driver I’m using is the latest Prolific driver. I had to click on the installer three times before it finally created a desktop icon. Then Windows told me it had to make adjustments for the software (emulate older Windows version?). Finally, it had to install Net Framework (?), reboot and that seemed to do it.

    My problem now is that the radio has somehow gone back to a 144-146 MHz, 430-440 MHz limit. It’s a US export version, labeled for wide frequency access, but I can’t seem to crack the code on this one.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  6. Dave Schmidt

    Just bought and received this radio yesterday. So far I like it a lot. Question for the group – I don’t see how I turn on ‘dual watch’. I can put the unit into scan mode which scans all the entered channels, but how do I enable dual watch so that it monitors both A and B channels for transmissions?

  7. Mike McKeever

    Dave, do you have the sub screen set to either OFF or VOLTAGE? Mine is in dual watch by default. If you set the sub screen to either OFF or VOLTAGE, it appears it only works on the remaining half of the screen — that is only the single frequency you have displayed.

    When it is in dual mode, you have to glance at the TX indicator to see which frequency it is receiving.

  8. Thank you Mike! I didn’t realize it was in dual mode if those slots have a frequency in it. Thanks also for the info about ‘off’ and ‘voltage’. I didn’t realize it could do that (the manual doesn’t list how to do that). I’ll have to give it a try.

    BTW, is there some hidden menu for upping the mike gain? My audio is a bit on the low side.

  9. Mike McKeever

    I don’t know of any mic gain adjustments. The mic has an audio shaping switch on the back. Maybe flip it a couple times in case there’s some dirt in it. I get good audio reports on mine on position 1. Otherwise, you may want to see if your dealer can swap out the mic.

  10. Matt

    The screen on my TH-8600 is in Chinese. I was able to open the software on my computer and program the radio in English and name my channels in English, but all my menu items and such on the radio are in Chinese. Does anyone know if there’s a setting I can change on the radio itself?

  11. Detlef

    Do suffer from frequency limitation too. Tried in programming SW, but without luck. Could there be a button combination to unlock at power on or the like?
    Hints highly appreciated!

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